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Who is Riptide?

Riptide was created in the mid 1990’s in California and began designing and manufacturing BCD’s in the USA. Many of our older award winning (testers choice award) models are still in use today.

We stopped selling BCD’s under the Riptide brand name in around 2007. However, we did not stop producing BCD’s but rather changed our focus to building and designing product for other manufactures, and for Public Safety Dive Teams. In 2016, we decided the time was right to reintroduce the Riptide brand again. Our main reason was that most of all BCD’s today are built offshore in Asia or eastern Europe with a non-North American diving focus. The lack of attention to the North American style of diving is why we are back.


What makes Riptide different?

· Built in the USA, with 99% American made fabric and components

· Design focus on fit, comfort, bouncy control, lift capacity, harness design, diving trim, tank management and safety

· 5-year warranty

· Designs targeted North American diving regions

· Totally new air cell design from any BCD on the market / shaped and streamlined reducing lift mentality

· Total harness adjustability creating a customized fit for each diver

· Designs from recreational to technical

· Light weight designs all less than 5lbs / great for travel

Once you dive one you will instantly see the difference!

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